My Work


FURY UNLEASHED – A completed manuscript

When Jo Moore (27), a tenderhearted empath determined to prove that not only does she not need a man in her life but that she can be just as tough and competent as any of them, joins the FBI’s Humane Law Enforcement Division she gets way more than she bargained for. Her first case skyrockets her into a series of events that prove to be the most emotionally traumatic of her entire life. Evil dogfighters, unwanted love relationships, devastating betrayals, and life-threatening battles with a serial killer.

Can she handle the emotional tsunamis thrown her way? Will she confront her own psychological issues and learn it really is okay to be sensitive and tenderhearted? Will she accept the love of her life, a man who adores and worships her? Or will she lose everything, including her very life, at the hands of a psychotic serial killer who abuses Pit bulls and forces them—through starvation—to devour innocent young women alive?


THE SHALLOW – A work in progress

Something’s wrong in the town of Fynch, a small community nestled between two mountains in Eastern Kentucky coal country. Population—747. Animals and people are disappearing seemingly into thin air. Never to be seen again. Is a supernatural force at fault? Or is man behind the mayhem? Raquel (Rocky) Frazier is determined to find out. But will she survive to save the town? Or will she disappear into the shallow too?



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