FURY UNLEASHED – Meet Zebadiah Profitt

Disclaimer: Zebadiah Profitt is a fictional character. This photo falls under CC0 licensure.

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Mr. Zebadiah Proffitt. What can I tell you about Zebadiah, owner and operator of Kings Kennels? Wait. His last name is Profitt, right? So, if he’s owner and operator why does he call his business Kings Kennels? Well, because he thinks of himself as a king, that’s why.

But maybe it would better to ask his wife, Sarah, what she thinks about him. Yeah, what does she think about her wonderful husband? Well, she called him a monster. To his face. Does that give you a clue?

I’ll tell ya what, though, how in the world she managed to do it, is beyond me. She’s lived in terror for so long I can’t even fathom how that inexplicable droplet of courage made its way up from the depths of her soul, through the shattered rubble of her heart, all the way to the top of her throat, and out of her mouth. Oh, but she paid for that fleeting moment of bravery born of years cowering in endless, agonizing terror.

How, you ask? I’ll just let Zeb tell you himself. This was his reply: “Ha! I’m more than a monster. I’m the alpha of all monsters! Stronger and more powerful than any and all that inhabit this earth.” Yeah, he definitly thinks a lot of himself. And all the while, his gleefully evil eyes bore into hers and his hand clenched tightly around her throat. Did it matter that his young son witnessed this abuse of his mother, standing by frozen in mind-shattering, helpless, hopeless terror? Why, of course not. After all, the boy needed to learn how to be a man, didn’t he?

Yeah, that’s our Zebadiah. He doesn’t just raise dogs. He works them. Hard. To build up their muscles. He starves them to keep them ravenous and aggressive. He tortures them to make them vengeful. Then, when they’re good and ready, he puts them in the pit to tear his rivals’ animals to shreds, bit by bit.

A draw isn’t good enough. A win by show of greater strength isn’t good enough. His dog standing, head raised and proud, with chunks of flesh hanging from steel jaws and blood dripping from file-sharpened, razor-edged fangs while a mangled body lies forever still in a growing pool of blood at its feet. Now that’s what he calls a win!

What happens when Jo meets our evil villain with the soul of a demon? What happens when he meets her? Will an epic battle ensue? Or will subtlety and ingenuity rule the day? Do you know enough about our heroine to make that guess?

Next up, Tommy Proffit. That’s right, Zebadiah’s young son. All grown up.

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