FURY UNLEASHED – Meet Jake McDermott


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Meet Jake McDermott

Ah, Jake. Steel gray eyes. Dark chocolate, wavy, hair that’s a wee bit too long for an officer of the law. But, hey, he’s a small-town sheriff, so it’s no biggie. Former Navy Seal. He doesn’t really make a big deal of that, though. Rugged, tough, and wickedly handsome. He knows best and expects compliance. And according to Jo, he’s a small-town, local yokel, chauvinistic cop.

Poor Jo. He’s just the kind of man that sets her teeth on edge. And she’s going to have to work with him on her case. Oil and water. Cats and dogs. Get the picture? Fireworks and volcanoes. Sparks, sparks, and more sparks.

He’s everything she despises. Bossy, hot-tempered, hard-headed. So why does she keep getting this image in her head? This vibe? This intense emotion of sorrow and regret? An unbidden image and three exasperating words. Lost. Little. Boy. That doesn’t fit the man at all! Have her instincts gone wonky?

Oh, Jo. She’s in a quandary now. How in the world is she going to define this guy? He’s nothing at all like Nick. So, in which of her boxes does he belong? Rugged—tough—man? Or, tender—gentle—child? Well, she’d better figure it out quick if she wants to make it through her case with her sanity intact. Because he certainly can’t be both. Right?

Ready to meet some villains? Next up, Zebadiah Proffit.


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