FURY UNLEASHED- Meet Nicholas Bale

If this is your first FURY UNLEASHED post, please read previous FURY UNLEASHED posts first – from earliest to latest. Thanks.

Remember those two men I promised to tell you about? Well, here we go. First up, Nicholas Bale. Physically, Nick is a Chris Hemsworth type. You know who that is, right? Ever seen the Thor movies? Remember the one where he has short hair? Rangnarok, I think it was. Are you picturing it? No wait! He definitely does not have all those slashes and zigzags shaved into his hair. So, yeah, without those. Well, and he’s not quite as muscular, but pretty close. He does work out. Did I say pretty? Oh yeah, Jo certainly thinks so. Really pretty. She might not want or need a man in her life, but the girl’s not blind.

Nick volunteers for Stacy at the local animal shelter. He’s a compassionate and dedicated animal advocate. In fact, he’s so good with the animals that Stacy would love it if he would fill the recently vacated position of animal control officer at her shelter. He’s also a super sweet guy.

That’s not all he is. He’s downright gaga goo-goo over Jo. I mean, head over heels. When he looks at her he sees the future. He has it in his head that she’s his destiny.

I’m sure you can see the problem here. Jo is so not down with that! Remember I told you in my first blog post about her stance on romance and men? Well, let me tell you, once she decides which planet, it’s Elton John-time for him! And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time. See what I did there?

Elton John? Rocket Man? Get it?


Will she really send him to another planet? Or will she succumb to his advances? Will sparks ignite between them? Hmm, I wonder.

Next up – Jake McDermott. Unless you’re a criminal, then it’s Sheriff Jake McDermott to you.

Success! You’re on the list.

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