FURY UNLEASHED – Stacy Anderson

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Stacy Anderson
Stacy is Jo’s BFF. Has been since childhood. Stacy is… Well, kind of a gossipy busybody, actually. Wait, don’t jump to conclusions. The girl has a good heart. She wants nothing but a spectacular life for her best friend. Aw, that’s so sweet. Who wouldn’t want a best friend like that, right? Well, I, for one, certainly would!
But Jo? Not so much. Well, that’s not exactly true. Jo loves Stacy with all her heart. So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, the problem is that their ideas of a spectacular life couldn’t be farther apart. Ah, now you’re getting the picture, aren’t you?
Stacy’s goal in life was to find the right man who could support her and enable her to live the life she always dreamed of. Notice I said, was? After several marriages, she finally found the right one!
I bet I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, golddigger, right? Someone who wants to priss around at leisure, sticking their nose into everyone’s business while lunching at the country club with a champagne glass in hand. Someone who wants to examine everyone else’s life and tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong.
Nah, that’s not Stacy. She doesn’t have a selfish or mean bone in her body. No, she wasn’t looking for a millionaire to provide her with her every materialistic wish and whim.
What was she looking for then? Well, I’ll tell you. She just wanted a man who could support them both comfortably while she conducted the work that has always been her heart’s desire. What’s that? Rescuing, rehabilitating, and saving abused and abandoned animals.
Yes, Stacy runs an animal shelter and a pit bull rescue. See why she needs a man to support her? Everybody knows there’s no money to be made in running animal shelters and rescues. Ha! No money to be made? Try, there’s lots of money to be lost! Animal shelters? Rescues? Can you say, MONEY DRAIN! But she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Dave, her husband, worships her, as she does him. A good man that only wants her happiness. So, animal shelter and rescue it is!
So what about Jo? Well, Stacy wants Jo to have a life like hers. I think you already know what Jo wants.
And it ain’t that!
Next up, one of the two men I mentioned in About FURY UNLEASHED blog post number one. Tune in next week to discover Nicholas Bale.
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