About FURY UNLEASHED – A Work in Progress


Meet Jo Moore.

No, not this dog! Although, there are quite a few of them in my book. No, Jo Moore is the protagonist of my novel. Well, it’s really Jolie Angelina Moore. Yep, you read that right. Thanks to her crazy mother’s obsession with the father of a certain pouty-lipped actress, she ended up with a variated name she despises. Not the actress, just the name.

Jo is an empath. That’s someone who can feel the emotions and pain of others. She also feels her own emotions more deeply than most of us. Tender-hearted and emotionally fragile, these are words some use to describe her. Well, she’s had about enough of that.

And another thing she’s had enough of is people trying to tell her she needs a boyfriend, husband, lover. WHAT!? No way and no thanks. Her fragile heart was broken when she was nineteen. Nineteen, you say? That was a long time ago considering she’s currently twenty-seven. She should have gotten over that by now. Right? WRONG! Remember when I told you she was an empath? Yeah, well, that means she intends never to go through pain like that EVER AGAIN!

So, what does she do about it? She joins the FBI. Not just the regular old FBI. A recently added division of the FBI. The Humane Law Enforcement Division (Note from me, the author: This is not a real division. I made it up! I write fiction, remember? Yeah, sad, I know. There absolutely should be one though. Don’t you agree?).

Can’t you just see the problems coming this poor girl’s way? Oh. My. God. An emotionally fragile empath working to bring down the world’s most heinous animal abusers. You’ve heard about them, right? You’ve heard what they say? Children who are animal abusers often turn out to be serial killers when they grow up.

You probably guessed it. She meets one. Face to face! Right when she’s ensconced in her first case. And boy is it a doozy! I’m talking about the dark, sadistic, underground world of a dogfighting operation. Talk about emotional trauma! But I digress. Anyway, back to the serial killer. She not only meets him but gets rather tangled up with him.

As if all that wasn’t enough on her plate, much to her dismay and through no fault of her own, two men come into the picture. A really sweet one and a really…  Let’s just say he’s the very epitome of the type of man she despises. You know the type. Rough. Rugged. Macho. Know it all. Um-hm, exactly the kind that sets her blood boiling. Would you believe she actually has to work with him? He’s the local sheriff, so she doesn’t really have a choice. Let me tell you, he drives her CRAZY!!!


Want to know more about Jo and the people in her life? Like, maybe these two men I mentioned? Check back for updates from time to time!


I am currently looking for representation for FURY UNLEASHED, featuring Jo Moore.

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