The Problem with Karma




Someone really did a number on you didn’t they? Some colossal jerk. Perhaps a boss who never valued you even though everyone else could plainly see, and who constantly turned you down for a raise, or possibly someone you considered a good friend threw you under the bus over a few political differences, or that significant other that cheated on you from day one, or any number of things really. I could go on and on. “Well”, those close to you tell you, “don’t let it get to you, Karma will take care of it”.

They are right, you know. I’ve seen it time and time again. Karma does indeed intercede, at some point. Of course, sometimes she takes her sweet time about it. It simply can’t happen soon enough, can it? Patience, it’s a virtue…one I’m kind of short on. Oh, but when she does decide to visit that certain umm…person, how sweet it is! Yes indeed, when Karma comes a callin’ it’s a beautiful thing. Well, unless it’s you she’s calling on, but that’s a different story altogether and one I won’t touch upon now. No, this little rant is about the ones who did you (err, me) wrong!

Yep, Karma, it’s a pretty satisfying thing all right. There’s just one little problem though. It juuuust isn’t quite satisfying enough. Don’t know what I mean? Well, let me tell ya!

That damn Karma girl…a pretty bad chick, overall…always forgets one important aspect when she doles out the punishment. SHE NEVER TELLS THEM WHAT THE PUNISHMENT IS FOR! I mean, really, more often than not, the colossal jerk doesn’t even realize that Karma came a callin’! Oh, poor pitiful, umm…person. This bad thing is happening to them and they just don’t know why. Why, oh why, has such terrible luck befallen them? Oh, they just don’t deserve such cruelty…waaaaah.

YES YOU DO, asshole! You do deserve it, and so much more!Karma, tell them! Come on, girl! What’s wrong with you? Tell them! Tell them why they deserve it! Tell them what they did to you…err me! Tell them it’s payback. Tell them, tell them, come on tell them, dammit!

Ah, but she never does. And that, my good people, is the problem with Karma.

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