The Wall



The Wall has weakened again. The one that protects the fragile part of me. The one I continually build and rebuild. Every day I place a brick, strengthening the fortress of protection. A small act of kindness here, a glimmer of humanity there. Hope for the human race sparks and spreads slowly throughout my being. Until that one day arrives. The one I have spoken of before. It comes unbidden, unfailingly, time after time to tear it all down once more. At first, a tiny crack. A bit of evil in the world, an act of cruelty, a glimpse into the dark souls of the humans who possess them. The crack widens. A young, innocent child dies of cancer. A dog is doused in lighter fluid and set ablaze to die a horrible death. A goat is thrown from a bridge, a mother bakes her toddler in the oven, terrorists bomb civilians somewhere, a man feeds a live, sweet little puppy to his pet python, a woman scalds a toddler in a bathtub of boiling water then puts him to bed to die a slow painful death form shock and fluid loss. Horrific headlines, one after another.  Waves and waves mount, growing taller and taller. Crashing, smashing, bashing the sanctuary wall. Shattering it into a million tiny pieces. Flooding, destroying, washing away happiness. Engulfing all within its rushing, soul crushing, angry roar.

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